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March 26, 2019
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Most of us always perceive in our mind that our happiness is dependent on others. We can only be happy if other people likes us so what we do is moving and running around people just to please them and this circle never ends.  Most of us in order to please the people friends & family in our life, we make them unconsciously gate keepers to our happiness.

Majority of people think we will only be happy if people agree with us, like our ideas, value us, understand our thought process and spare sometime for us. But the reality is that all these things don’t work. The more we run for our happiness in this physical world, the more we become unhappy because things simply don’t go our way.

We don’t understand that in this life every person has its own perspective and way of thinking that may or may not align with us. In all this chaos we lose our originality and forget that I don’t need everyone acceptance and secondly all happening on this earth is not controlled by me.

If one give attention to this little fact then in trying to please the people in search of happiness we lose ourselves that makes us unhappy. Wise people understand it’s better to be in company with few people who understand your every emotion without even saying a word. Today we value more of physical things and perceive that they can give us happiness like good flat, big car, branded clothes, number of friends and a lavish lifestyle.

The reality is just opposite to this thing our inner state of happiness has nothing to do with any person or relation in our life. It’s about having a sincere relationship with our true self and understand that we all are different and have uniqueness. When a person realizes this reality in life it pacifies the mind making the person really happy.

We have to realize the fact that every person in our life has his/her own sanskaras and they understand other people from their point of view. This thing makes us happy and free from all bondages. We have to remember certain things in our life when we give more value to opinion to others about us.

  1. Learn to release the situation that is depleting you – There are many situation in our life that depletes our energy, we have to learn without getting hurt to let go off people and situation that are depleting us. It doesn’t means we end the relationship but it is more to understand that what other thinks of me I am not that.
  2. Never take anything personally – people interacting with you in our life they view you with their own minds and thought processes. People will be judgemental but it is our response to the people that matters.
  3. Maintain your unique identity – We have to maintain our unique identity and be very clear that god loves us how we are naturally we don’t have to change or mend for everyone in this world. Spread your love, empathy, kindness, talent and admit your mistakes whenever you commit a mistake. Have trust in the process that when you are in natural state positive people always enter your life.

Don’t allow any body to be a gatekeeper to your happiness and also stop playing the role of gatekeepers for other.

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