What is a Relationship reading

A relationship is perhaps the best way for a soul to express it’s love, and its connection with another.

Relationships can also be vehicles to learn our core lessons; which is why sometimes we experience deep pain in certain relationships. Through my connection with Angels, I can provide intuitive guidance on your current relationship, including your Soul Lessons that needs to be learnt for you to experience undiluted joy.

You should take this reading if
  • You feel a deep connection with this person, and want to understand if this is your Twin Flame, Soul Mate or a Karmic relationship.
  •  You feel you have been together with this person in the past, and a sense of déjà vu exists.
  •  The pull at your Heart is so strong that you end up thinking about him/her all the time
  •  Even though you may not be together in this Life.
  •  You feel that Relationships are a big theme in this Life, and you have chosen to learn your Soul lessons through them.
How will it will help you?
  • You will get a clear picture of the relationship- is it Twin Flame, Soulmate or Karmic Connection.
  •  You will get an idea of how you were related to this person in a past life. This gives relief, and an idea of what patterns have led you to this Life.
  •  Soul Lesson for this Life with this person. Once you see the lesson, it is easier to take action
  •  The future options that lie thereafter, including how to heal the relationship.
  •  Tools, meditations, crystals and affirmations to Heal your Heart and this Relationship.
What can you expect after the session?
  •  A sense of clarity
  •  A deep comfort and feeling of peace.
  •  Higher self esteem and confidence, when you realize that the most critical relationship that you have is with your own self.
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