April 1, 2019
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Our brain is such a wonderful machine allowing us to do multiple tasks conveniently but despite our best efforts sometimes we feel so low and stressed out. We have to understand our negative thinking patterns and how they can affect the person’s productivity,positivity and finally our decision making power.It is a reality that the power of our negative thoughts is amazingly powerful than positive thoughts.One negative thought about any bad experience has three times of power to make us anxious and low.It is a natural thing that our brain remembers bad memories and experience more than we can recall good experiences in life.

The question arises why our brain pays more attention to the negative information than to positive, the answer is it is tuned naturally to pay attention to negative experiences.This habit of the brain to be more sensitive to negative experiences in life makes a web of downwards spiral and loop that is unreal of course.One good thing about our brain is that we can tune it again to break the negative patterns of thinking to think positive.We have to understand that the brain can change its connections is the key to be more positive in life.

Haier study clearly demonstrated that our brain cells communicate through synapses and brain has the power to change itself structurally.Whenever in life we learn a new game,information or skills neural connections change and with continued learning process these circuits are activated.Our brains synaptic working is enhanced and activation of neural connections becomes shows that a good sleep also plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of the brain as well as our memory.

Now the query is how we can use our brain to be more productive and happy.The answer is simply paying more attention to these basic tips –

  1. Research studies have shown that our productivity and happiness factor is dependent on when we are doing an It does not matter what we are doing and why it is being done. Researchers have shown that it when we are going to do the task, can be game changer thing. Certain Birds like larks like to do their tasks with more efficiency in morning hours but owls perform their work better in the evening or at night. Person to be happier must learn to do tasks when he/she is more comfortable naturally.
  2. Technological advancement has made our brain addictive and the myth that we get better information with technology. But the reality does our mind process all this information without any stress.if we want our brain to be more productive and happy we have learned to spend some time away from technology to abstain our brain from distractions.
  3. Focus on one task at a time forget about multitasking and remember the brain cannot multitask where our mobile phone can.
  4. Spend some time away from the TV,mobile and mobile screens to enjoy a few moments in nature as well as join some good group to stay away from machines.
  5. Give your brain a nice rest if possible take little naps to feel fresher. Taking breaks in between work is not a sign of weakness but it represents This thing increases our working and we make fewer mistakes.

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