What is Automatic Writing

Channel messages from the Universe yourself. An age-old method of getting messages from the Universe, it is used by most Psychics to get impressions about the future, solutions to challenges and knowing our Soul and Life path. It is the process of “writing” messages that do not come from your mind. It is a non-scary and wonderful way of getting messages that come automatically.

How do you benefit:
    • Know your Soul and Life purpose
    • Meet your spirit guides, and learn how to communicate with them when you want
    • Get answers to your problems- yourself
  • Helps you find closure if you have lost a loved one
  •  Strengthen your skills as a Healer
  •  Take your intuition to the next level
  • Helps if you are a writer or a blogger, gets you “in the flow” of writing
What can you expect in the workshop:

Through guided meditations, techniques and attunements, you move your consciousness to a level that you can communicate with your Spirit Guides and touch the Super conscious energy.

Who can do this/ Are there any prerequisites?

Intent is the only thing that matters. Even if you haven’t tried deep meditation before, the pre workshop will sufficiently prepare you.

How can Automatic Writing help you in your day to day life?
    • Your decisions are always guided (by your Angel guides)
    • Lesser confusion about issues in life
  • Building stronger relationships
  • Better self-esteem, high confidence
  • Higher ability to handle challenges with a smile
  • Lesser mood swings
  • Forgiveness in relationships, and with yourself
  • You know your Life purpose- this gives you clarity about your career
  • More patience- you know everything is happening for a reason and will happen in divine time
  • Feel supported (by your guides)
  • Lesser blame for others and no blame for life
  • Able to find closure in death- you know that this life is only a part of many lives
  • If you are a writer, your blogs/stories will flow with much more ease
Are only spiritual people able to do this course?

This course is taught in a way that anyone can do it. There is no pre-requisite for it.

Who are our Spirit/Angel Guides? Can we interact with them?

Angel guides are our “teammates”. Their job is to ensure that we understand our soul lessons that we came on Earth to learn. They also are in charge ofensuring that we live our highest purpose on Earth. They are trying to get our attention through signs and symbols. Through this workshop, we get to interact with our guides- we see them, hear from them, and can remain in touch for the rest of our lives. What a gift!

Will I be able to get messages for myself about the future?

Yes, you can get messages and guidance about your future. You could also get messages for your family- though this depends on how much you tune your intuition.

Is this a one-time course?

It is taught over two days. Once you learn it, you are welcome to join a repeat workshop at no fee (food charges apply).

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