March 30, 2019
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Every person in this world is unique and very special but all of our life we are running after people trying to be like them. Most of us are sticking to old patterns of behavior and trying to prove ourself that we are imperfect.We are regularly comparing ourselves with others listing flaws in our body,looks,thoughtsand emotions.Truth is that this habit of our to continuously nag ourselves makes us uncontented and in a chaoticstage. We have to understand the reality that nobody is perfect but that is the beauty of life.Only God our spiritual father is perfect and when we accept this fact it makes things easy for us.Thisflaw makes us more real, human, natural and monotonous too,imagine the world where every person is perfect.

We have to realize the fact that every person has flaws and that’s why we are here in physicality on this spiritual journey to create ourselves regularly. We go against our real self the moment we compare ourselves with people around us and fail to accept flaws which makeus unhappy.Failing to accept our imperfections makes us struggle more than disturbs our emotional stability and thought is time to come to reality we are the most beautiful creation of God nothing less and more than others but each one of us is unique in a way.

We have to find the truth why the imperfectionsmake us feel so little and frustrated.It is because our parameters of perfect and success are dependent on others, particularly on physical objects for which we are always struggling.This idea of imperfection is nodoubt imprinted on our mind by society and parents in early childhood days.It is not wrong trying to be a perfectionist in life but it is possible only when we accept, yes we have flaws and there is nothing wrong in imperfections.

Perfection is just a mirage and it’s crucial to living our flaws—

  1. We can achieve our real-life purpose when we accept our flaws and stop running after something unnatural. The person moves near his/her chief life purpose for which our soul has entered physicality. We are simply the best with all our shortcomings and perfectionism has nothing to do our lives mission.
  2. Accepting one’s flaws makes person liberated, light and natural as we stop chasing dreams to become perfect like a mirage.
  3. We should only focus on what we are in reality not what we think we are.Person after accepting his/her flaws becomes the real self that is complete in itself and doesnot require the acceptance of the outside world.
  4. Coming in reality with the reality that noone isperfect to make one more grounded and gets the ability to see the world with the rightperspective.when one start to live with flaws this reality provides you the freedom to enjoy life.
  5. One another benefit of accepting imperfections is one stop playing the role of a victim and lives life in a natural way.
  6. When we accept our flaws we are happier,find inner peace and have a healthy attitude towards life.

7. A person who accepts his/her own imperfections becomes more empathetic, compassionate, human and develop a constructive way of living a life that too in a nat

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