My name is Mrridula Bali, I am an artist I create and carve human personalities with my multiple degrees to name a few. A Spiritual Life Coach from Symbiosis international a certified Past Life Regressor a hypnotherapist an automatic writer a medium an oracle  angel and tarot card reader  a Switchword and divine healing code instructor a Zebu sigil, Runes, Reiki,  Vastu skilled a access Bar Healer, a Color Therapist are few and i endeavor to add few more in coming times .

About six years ago  I started my journey in search for my aplomb. The main agenda was to corroborate my passion to touch and heal people, through my knowledge on  oracle sciences. My vision resulted in what is now known as Footprint. Under this label I help people touch their inner strength I help them over come Fears, Anxiety, Stress, Self Sabotage, Depressions,  Failure’s & Losses …

Through my learnings from various studies and qualifications. I have discovered that most of the problems in life are caused by conflicts of conscious mind, the slice of ourselves. We are aware of, and the subconscious mind, which drives 90% of our decisions and thoughts but yet we are unaware of shadows and our inner conflicts.

The subconscious is deeply symbolic. We all can see these patterns easily but fail to move away from them. I help make my client reach out to their inner strength and ensure that they get swift and substantial results. This allows them to move away from Depression, Fears, Anxiety, Failures which many hold close to their heart. I believe in helping create a individual that goes beyond adoration and admiration.

An individual with highest energy who has moved from darkness and touched the light.

What our clients say

ankita footprint
Ankita Sharma

I would like to start with an apology for writing so late. I really want to send this you earlier but couldn't do so. I mean very greatful to Swati who made me like to you.My past life healing session with you was just awesome and dazzling. I was a very different experience and i would remember this for life. I also wish to tell you that my dad has started getting his money back from people who earlier wasn't ready for that in past 15 years. May be this is because of you removing the blockage from past. I really hope his health also shows some improvement in the coming time. You for sure are an angel to me. I am just learning to be better person like you. Thank you so much for love and care and all the reading sessions as well.... Loads of love and hugs. And apologies once again.

Siji Varghese
Dear Mrridula,
Extremely sorry for not been able to write about the experience earlier...i wasnt able to because of all the funny things happening in my head...been doing nothing till couple of days...now slowly getting back on track....
after the session with you...next day i had a session with a PLR therapist, again a good friend of mine..she did my chakra cleansing and paranormal cleaning...so was in a different zone....
the best thing that came out strongly in both the sessions was my dad being the guardian angel and showering loads of love and blessings for me...and messages ..one in which u derived from me and in the other one..dad spoke through her....the core of the message was same....follow u r heart and live your life...
i really enjoyed doing the session with you..you brilliantly decoded my severally interrupted indulgences of the past which was beautiful....i like the way you guided me through in the entire session. it is really remarkable to see your skills in this demonstrating from a faraway place. The distance didn't really matter when u guided me through.
thanks for all the support ...blessings to your amazing work.....
Tarvinder Kaur

Atma Namaste🍀!!My journey with knowing my inner self started with my childhood,but gained momentum once I connected to pranic healing.however connecting with Mrridula and getting the past life regression session awakened all my thoughts of subconscious mind.Visions of past life came tumbling out.It was a vortex like scenario ..full of emotions.happiness ,loneliness And ultimately an enlightenment.I made peace with my past and present allthanks to Mrridula .shes a blessed soul who skilfully guides us towards the past life and also heal the pains , and joins the dots and broken lines with a great sensitivity..loads of blessings.😇🙏

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